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Welcome to the Plymouth location of Sollars and Associates.  At Sollars and Associates we strive to provide the people in the Plymouth area with the highest level of clinical counseling services and psychotherapists available in Wayne County.

Our compassionate and skilled staff members specialize in many areas of treatment and we offer a variety of programs and services including:  Marriage Counseling Programs, Family Therapy Programs, Sex Therapy, Psychology Services for KidsAlcohol and Addiction Programs, Grief Therapy, Counseling for DepressionAnger Counseling, Counseling for Anxiety, Autism Treatments, Couples Therapy Programs, Counseling for Bipolar Disorders, Counseling for Eating Disorders, Divorce Therapy Programs, Counseling Programs After Adoption, ADD/ADHD issues in kids, ADD/ADHD issues in adolescents an many other areas as well.


Here at Sollars & Associates, we support Social Justice. Learn more about our dedication to equality for all in Plymouth, and all our locations, via our Diversity & Inclusion Statement.


We are proud to have multi-lingual therapists across our locations that speak 2 different languages. If you are looking for multi-lingual psychotherapists in Plymouth, click our link below!

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Plymouth Therapists

Plymouth MI Ariana Moreno, LMSW, CTP-C
Ariana Moreno, LMSW, CTP-C
Plymouth MI Social Worker, Therapist Carly Corpolongo – Davis, LMSW
Carly Corpolongo – Davis, LMSW
Plymouth MI Carolyn Whitaker, TLLP
Carolyn Whitaker, TLLP
Plymouth MI Cora Kutnick, LLMSW
Cora Kutnick, LLMSW
Plymouth MI Psychologist, Therapist Dawn Fisher, LLP
Dawn Fisher, LLP
Plymouth MI Ebony Willis, LLPC
Ebony Willis, LLPC
Plymouth MI Freeman Shields, LLP
Freeman Shields, LLP
Plymouth MI Counselors, Therapists, Psychotherapists Hannah Bonenfant, LLPC
Hannah Bonenfant, LLPC
Plymouth MI Heidi Bechtel, LLMSW
Heidi Bechtel, LLMSW
Plymouth MI Jennifer Buswinka, LLP, LLMFT
Jennifer Buswinka, LLP, LLMFT
Plymouth MI Jennifer Clements, BCBA, LBA, TLLP
Jennifer Clements, BCBA, LBA, TLLP
Plymouth MI Counselor, Therapist, Psychologist Jennifer West, LLP
Jennifer West, LLP
Plymouth MI Psychologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Therapist Jessica Ryder, LLPC
Jessica Ryder, LLPC
Plymouth MI Joi Miller, LLPC, MSP, TRS
Joi Miller, LLPC, MSP, TRS
Plymouth MI Jordan Ditsch, LLMFT
Jordan Ditsch, LLMFT
Plymouth MI Josh Morrow, MA, TLLP
Josh Morrow, MA, TLLP
Plymouth MI Social Worker, Therapist Katie Case, LMSW
Katie Case, LMSW
Plymouth MI Counselor, Therapist Kelli Anderson, Ph.D., LPC, NCC
Kelli Anderson, Ph.D., LPC, NCC
Plymouth MI Lauren Miller, LMSW
Lauren Miller, LMSW
Plymouth MI Psychologist, Therapist Laurene Saad, PsyD, LP
Laurene Saad, PsyD, LP
Plymouth MI Counselor, Therapist, Psychologist Liz Mitchell, LMSW, CTP-E
Liz Mitchell, LMSW, CTP-E
Plymouth MI Counselor, Therapist Namer Zayouna, LLPC
Namer Zayouna, LLPC
Plymouth MI Rakisha Smith, LLMSW
Rakisha Smith, LLMSW
Plymouth MI Rekiya Wooten, MA, LLPC, NCC
Rekiya Wooten, MA, LLPC, NCC
Plymouth MI Samantha Reid, LMSW
Samantha Reid, LMSW
Plymouth MI Psychologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Therapist Steven Curtin, MFA, MA-LLP, BCIABCN
Steven Curtin, MFA, MA-LLP, BCIABCN
Plymouth MI Teri Baker, LMSW, CAADC
Teri Baker, LMSW, CAADC

About Plymouth MI

The City of Plymouth is nationally known for The Plymouth Ice Spectacular, an ice carving festival that is help every year in January.  This ice carving event is the largest and oldest ice carving competition in North America.

Every year in May, the city is home to the Green Street Fair. The fair helps support and promote the green movement and features exhibitors and activities that help people get inspired to be more green.

The Cities “Art in the Park” fair has become Michigan’s second largest art fair and draws nearly 300,000 visitors every year.

“Music in the Air” is an event that the city of Plymouth holds every Friday night  in June through September.  The programs features performances from local bands and usually starts around 7:00 pm.

Our Clinic Location:

Sollars and Associates
496 W Ann Arbor Trail #202
Plymouth, Michigan 48170


Sollars and Associates
199 N Main #115
Plymouth, Michigan 48170


Locations and attractions near our office:

Plymouth may be small, but there are many things in the area to check out including: