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Dear Outreach Community,

We pray this message finds you well. Many in the communities near our practices are going through a great deal of hardship. We want you to know we remain intact and that we are able to provide you with therapy and support for you and for your family’s mental health concerns by way of teletherapy – including telephone therapy and video therapy. We are also connected to a network of medical practitioners including Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners and Personal Care Physicians to help with psychological medications. We are happy to say that some carriers have waived deductibles and copays in this time of need, and we remain steadfast in our desire to be of help.

As a staff from top to bottom we have always felt the overriding mission of our practice is to provide therapy for those in need of treatment regardless of psychological troubles, financial or social status, race, creed or ethnicity and gender orientation or status. We are still committed to that overriding mission. Please call us if in need and we will help. If we can’t treat you directly, we will provide appropriate networking and referrals.

We want to join with many others and do the best we can to help you with your needs during this difficult time. Thinking of you with warm thoughts and positive regards.


Franklin Sollars, PhD, LP
Clinical Director, Sollars and Associates
Integrative Counseling and Psychological Services

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Psychologists, Therapists, Counselors and Psychotherapists in Ann Arbor

Welcome to the Ann Arbor MI office location of Sollars and Associates, our newest addition to our network of clinics across the state of Michigan. We are happy to offer some of the best mental health therapists that Washtenaw County has to offer.  We provide individual, couple, family and group therapy to the residents surrounding the Ann Arbor area. Our psychologists, psychotherapists and counselors have significant experience in evaluating and treating children, adolescents and families who are dealing with a variety of issues including: Educational Concerns, ADD/ADHA, Interpersonal Issues, School Difficulties, Depression, Childhood and Adolescence Issues, Adult ADD, PTSD / Trauma, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Career and Work Place Issues, Parenting, Grief, Relationship Concerns, Sexual Issues and many other specialties as well.

We are proud to have multi-lingual therapists across our locations that speak 3 different languages.

Ann Arbor Team Members

Ann Arbor MI Psychologist, Therapist Alexandra Kahtava, TLLP
Alexandra Kahtava, TLLP
Ann Arbor MI Anne Crawford, TLLP
Anne Crawford, TLLP
Ann Arbor MI Ariana Moreno, MA, LLMSW
Ariana Moreno, MA, LLMSW
Ann Arbor MI Bianca Nelson, LLMSW
Bianca Nelson, LLMSW
Ann Arbor MI Psychologist, Therapist Carolyn Maxwell, MA, TLLP
Carolyn Maxwell, MA, TLLP
Ann Arbor MI Carolyn Whitaker, TLLP
Carolyn Whitaker, TLLP
Ann Arbor MI Social Worker, Therapist Courtney Lobeck, LLMSW
Courtney Lobeck, LLMSW
Ann Arbor MI Ha Young Kwon, MD, MS, LLMSW
Ha Young Kwon, MD, MS, LLMSW
Ann Arbor MI Jared Boot, MA, TLLP
Jared Boot, MA, TLLP
Ann Arbor MI Therapist John Poliskey, LLMFT
John Poliskey, LLMFT
Ann Arbor MI Counselor, Therapist Kelli Weller, LPC
Kelli Weller, LPC
Ann Arbor MI Clinical Social Worker, Infant Mental Health Specialist Natalia Barna, LMSW, IMH-E (III)
Natalia Barna, LMSW, IMH-E (III)
Ann Arbor MI Patty Emberly, MA, LMFT, LPC, (Video Counseling Only)
Patty Emberly, MA, LMFT, LPC, (Video Counseling Only)
Ann Arbor MI Rosalie Ellison, LLMFT
Rosalie Ellison, LLMFT

About Ann Arbor MI

Ann Arbor is a city west of Detroit, in the Midwestern state of Michigan. It’s home to the sprawling University of Michigan, known for its research programs. The University of Michigan Museum of Art displays works from around the globe and spanning centuries. Science-focused attractions in the city include the Museum of Natural History and the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, with kid-friendly interactive exhibits.

Our Clinic Location:
Sollars and Associates
3830 Packard
Ste 280
Ann Arbor, MI   48108

(734) 224-2454

Locations and attractions near our office:

Our clinic is centrally located and within easy driving distance from many of the areas landmarks including:

Ann Arbor Municipal Airport

University of Michigan

Briarwood Mall