What is Depth Psychotherapy?

What is Depth Psychotherapy?

Depth Psychotherapy is the original psychotherapy practice preformed and has been around since the time of Freud and Jung. However, over time it has progressed and evolved into a more modern-day approach. Oftentimes depth psychotherapy is called relational psychoanalysis, object relations, interpersonal therapy or psychodynamic therapy. These diverse versions of depth psychology all share a view of the personality in terms of its depth, that the causes of health and disorder are based on underlying psychic conflict, repressed needs and wishes and typically trauma and psychic injury that was not processed. Thus, the dots are connected with defenses from the underlying conflicts to our current everyday troubles such as depression, anxiety, sexual issues, relational and work problems.

Although the earliest of psychotherapies, depth psychotherapy is most often considered the most powerful and transformative of any. Even studies that extoll the virtues of cognitive therapies fail to understand that much of the success of the cognitive work is based on the underlying depth psychology approach that is being used. The depth psychology approach is typically more intensive, with sessions scheduled more frequently and designed to help with a more serious overhaul of troubling issues. Therapists who employ this method have typically had their own depth psychotherapy, additional training, and/or seminars and supervision to help develop their ability to use these approaches.

If you have tried other types of therapies with no success or moderate success and would like to go further with your own emotional and personal growth work to overcome conflicts, troubles in life or inhibitions to success, you may want to give Depth Psychotherapy a try. Many Sollars therapists have been supervised using this approach and or have had their own training or therapy employing depth psychology.

If your therapy has been stuck, running out of steam or you are a first-time client who wants an intensive treatment approach you may find help at Sollars and Associates. With 17 locations around Michigan, we are here to help! Give us a call at 248 787-0855.

Depth Psychology

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