New Year’s Resolutions: Keep Mental Health in Mind

New Year’s Resolutions: Keep Mental Health in Mind

New Year’s Resolutions: Keep Mental Health in Mind

The global pandemic has created a lot of stress in the lives of many people, but the promise of starting fresh in 2021 may have put some of that anxiety at bay. The sheer fact that the holidays are, by definition, activity-filled days may have helped people stay positive, as it gave them something to do and to look forward to.

However, now that the holidays are gone and people are truly entering 2021, much of that anxiety and stress is bound to return as we are still limited on the activities we can complete safely. It’s why it’s essential to keep your mental health in mind as you think through your New Year’s Resolutions.


There’s No Shame in Struggling!

No matter what issues you are going through that are causing anxiety, sadness, or even frustration, try to keep your mental health in mind for 2021. It’s very easy to get caught up with the exciting promises of a new year, and the news of the vaccine has certainly helped many people feel very optimistic about the future.

But mental health struggles often don’t go away simply because of optimism. Parents must continue to be educators for their children, teachers are struggling to keep students engaged through remote means, those working from home can feel isolated, and the general state of the country might not be the best at keeping the anxieties at bay.

There is no shame in admitting you need help! You are not a bad teacher, parent, or person if you are struggling. Sometimes it is important to prioritize YOU, by setting aside a few moments to focus on your own mental health.


Mental Health New Year’s Resolution

Consider setting one of your New Year Resolutions as setting up an appointment and talking with a mental health professional. Taking 30 minutes a week (or whatever is best for your schedule) to talk about what is causing you distress or discomfort is a great way to work through and find ways to help reduce those negative feelings. Additionally, many health professionals, including Sollars & Associates, are providing teletherapy or online counseling services to make it even easier for you to speak with a professional and prioritize your mental health.

If you decide to go it alone, be kind to yourself. Realize that you don’t have to be perfect, and just to keep you and your family going in a straight line, moving your life along is a big accomplishment right now. Always, take a little time for yourself to de-stress, take a walk, exhale extra-long breathes if you need them, and find a little enjoyment with your loved ones each day as best you can. 


Sollars & Associates Can Help!

If you need to reach out and start focusing on your mental health New Year’s Resolution, we at Sollars & Associates can help. We have 17 locations in the Michigan area, but also have online therapy options to assist you. Give us a call to learn more or schedule an appointment with one of our offices today!

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