Looking for Marriage Counseling in Grand Rapids?

Looking for Marriage Counseling in Grand Rapids?

The main purpose of marriage counseling is to help you and your partner understand each other’s emotional lives and facilitate the growth of empathy. This type of counseling is uniquely tailored to the dynamics and complex nature of marital relationships.

Professional Marriage and Family Therapists are equipped with the skills to help you and your partner identify problems and find effective solutions. Though some people attach a stigma to marriage counseling, the reality is that all couples go through their share of hardships and differences. With the guidance of a professional, getting your relationship back on track can be a lot less complicated than it would be if you went about it alone.

Marriage Counseling is Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

When people conclude that their marriage needs some outside help, people often feel shame and blame themselves. However, counseling is nothing that should cause feelings of embarrassment. It is a protective measure that you and your partner take to improve your relationship and allow it to sustain for years to come.

Positives of Marriage Counseling

Before you have a chance to see the benefits of marriage counseling in your own life, it may be helpful to see the many ways in which it can touch your life and transform your relationship. And even if you are unmarried, relationship counseling in Grand Rapids with Sollars & Associates is available for unmarried couples or people in other types of relationships.

  • Heal old wounds. If arguments with your spouse quickly devolve into the same rehashing of past transgressions, all progress made to that point vanishes in that very instant. With the help of a counselor, these recurrent topics can finally be met with closure.
  • A sacred time of listening. When you have booked sessions, you know there’s a specific time for you and your spouse to talk. You also know that the counselor will make sure that you feel heard and that your spouse considers your thoughts.
  • Learn how to resolve arguments. We aren’t perfect. Just because you start to see a marriage counselor doesn’t mean the arguments dissipate immediately. The work that needs to be done outside of sessions will be laid out for you, and when a conversation goes south, you and your spouse will be able to find a solution in the same toolkit.

We understand that you and your partner are doing the best you can during these stressful times. Are you ready to start working on some issues that are weighing your relationship down? If you are looking for marriage counseling in Grand Rapids, Sollars & Associates is here to help! Fill out a quick online form today, or give us a call at 616 264 5414 to get an appointment scheduled today.

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