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Welcome to the Novi Michigan office of Sollars and Associates.  Our goal here at Sollars and Associates is to offer the residents in and around the Novi MI area with the highest quality therapy and clinical counseling service available in the Oakland County area.  Our caring and highly skilled therapists in Novi have specialized training in the areas of Marriage Counseling and the following therapy services: Child Counseling, Sex Therapy, Couples Counseling,  Anxiety Counseling, Addiction Recovery, Grief and Loss Counseling, Depression Management and Treatment, Anger Management Counseling,  Autism Treatment, Bipolar Treatment, Alcoholism, as well as many others areas of specialty.


Here at Sollars & Associates, we support Social Justice. Learn more about our dedication to equality and inclusion in Novi, and all our locations, via our Diversity & Inclusion Statement.


We are proud to have multi-lingual therapists available in Novi, and across all our locations in Michigan, that speak 2 different languages.

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Novi Therapists

Novi MI Alicia Watts, LPC
Alicia Watts, LPC
Novi MI Psychologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Therapist Amanda DeSantis, MA, TLLP
Amanda DeSantis, MA, TLLP
Novi MI Amanda Washnock, LLMSW
Amanda Washnock, LLMSW
Novi MI Ani Ourlian, Intern
Ani Ourlian, Intern
Novi MI Psychologist, Therapist Ashley Weinert, TLLP
Ashley Weinert, TLLP
Novi MI Bianca Nelson, LLMSW
Bianca Nelson, LLMSW
Novi MI Psychologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Therapist Brittany Miller, LLPC
Brittany Miller, LLPC
Novi MI Cara Holmes, LLPC
Cara Holmes, LLPC
Novi MI Carolyn Whitaker, TLLP
Carolyn Whitaker, TLLP
Novi MI Social Worker, Therapist Claudia Coxx, LMSW
Claudia Coxx, LMSW
Novi MI Counselor, Psychotherapist, Therapist Claudia Welch, LLMSW
Claudia Welch, LLMSW
Novi MI Psychologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Therapist Dequindre Jernigan, LLPC
Dequindre Jernigan, LLPC
Novi MI Psychologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Therapist Donita Burk, TLLP
Donita Burk, TLLP
Novi MI Elham (Ellie) Moghaddam, TLLP
Elham (Ellie) Moghaddam, TLLP
Novi MI Farid Alsabeh, Intern
Farid Alsabeh, Intern
Novi MI Hind Patros, TLLP
Hind Patros, TLLP
Novi MI Josh Murray, TLLP
Josh Murray, TLLP
Novi MI Counselor, Therapist Kelli Anderson, LPC
Kelli Anderson, LPC
Novi MI Kelly Kays, M.A., LLPC
Kelly Kays, M.A., LLPC
Novi MI Lamia Asmar, LLP
Lamia Asmar, LLP
Novi MI Logan Gasko, TLLP
Logan Gasko, TLLP
Novi MI Mark Blanchard, TLLP
Mark Blanchard, TLLP
Novi MI Meghan Miller, LLMSW
Meghan Miller, LLMSW
Novi MI Counselor, Therapist Namer Zayouna, LLPC
Namer Zayouna, LLPC
Novi MI Nicole Urhahn-Schmitt, LLPC
Nicole Urhahn-Schmitt, LLPC
Novi MI Counselor, Therapist, Psychologist Regina Gray, LLMSW
Regina Gray, LLMSW
Novi MI Rita Burd, LLPC, ATR-P
Rita Burd, LLPC, ATR-P
Novi MI Sara Schwartz, LLPC
Sara Schwartz, LLPC
Novi MI Psychologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Therapist Shavon Alexander, LLMSW
Shavon Alexander, LLMSW
Novi MI Psychologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Therapist Steven Curtin, MFA, MA-LLP, BCIABCN
Steven Curtin, MFA, MA-LLP, BCIABCN
Novi MI Taylor Grantham, LLPC
Taylor Grantham, LLPC
Novi MI Tiffany Hodges, LPC
Tiffany Hodges, LPC
Novi MI Social Worker, Therapist Trish Barnes
Trish Barnes

About Novi MI

Considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in Michigan, Novi is located about 25 miles east of Ann Arbor and about 25 miles northwest of downtown Detroit.

Our Clinic Location:

Sollars and Associates
27780 Novi Road #244
Novi‚  MI  48377


Locations and attractions near our office:

Our clinic is centrally located and within easy driving distance from many of the areas landmarks including: