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Welcome to the Livonia MI office location of Sollars and Associates, our newest addition to our network of clinics across the state of Michigan. We are happy to offer some of the best mental health therapists that Wayne County has to offer. We provide individual, family, couple, and group counseling to the residents surrounding the Livonia area. Our psychologists, psychotherapists, and counselors have significant experience in evaluating and treating families, children, and adolescents who are dealing with a variety of issues including: Educational Concerns, ADD/ADHA, Depression, Childhood and Adolescence Issues, PTSD / Trauma, Anxiety, Relationship Concerns, Sexual Issues Mood Disorders, Career and Work Place Issues, Parenting, Grief, and many other specialties as well.


We are proud to have multi-lingual counselors across our Sollars & Associates locations that speak 3 different languages. If you are looking for multi-lingual counseling in Livonia click our link below!

Sollars & Associates Multi-Lingual Therapists


Here at Sollars & Associates, we support Social Justice. Learn more about our dedication to equality in Livonia, and all our locations, via our Diversity & Inclusion Statement.

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Livonia Team Members

Livonia MI Amanda Legrand, Intern
Amanda Legrand, Intern
Livonia MI Ani Ourlian, M.A. TLLP
Ani Ourlian, M.A. TLLP
Livonia MI Brianne Schultz, Intern
Brianne Schultz, Intern
Livonia MI Devin Thomas, LLMSW
Devin Thomas, LLMSW
Livonia MI Ebony Willis, LPC
Ebony Willis, LPC
Livonia MI Counselors, Therapists, Psychotherapists Hannah Bonenfant, LLPC
Hannah Bonenfant, LLPC
Livonia MI Heather Weise, TLLP
Heather Weise, TLLP
Livonia MI Jennifer Buswinka, LLP, LLMFT
Jennifer Buswinka, LLP, LLMFT
Livonia MI Katie Corbin, Intern
Katie Corbin, Intern
Livonia MI Monique Sanders, MA, TLLP
Monique Sanders, MA, TLLP
Livonia MI Rakisha Smith, LLMSW
Rakisha Smith, LLMSW
Livonia MI Samantha Reid, LMSW
Samantha Reid, LMSW
Livonia MI Toi Flynn, LLPC, MSP, TRS
Toi Flynn, LLPC, MSP, TRS
Livonia MI William Kaczur, Intern
William Kaczur, Intern
Livonia MI Zainab Khatib, Intern
Zainab Khatib, Intern

About Livonia MI

Livonia is a city in the northwest part of Wayne County Michigan and is a large suburb of the city of Detroit. Livonia is home to a variety of universities, with the most well known being Madonna University a private Catholic University. Additionally, Livonia borders Maybury State Park which is a beautiful park full of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails.

Our Clinic Location:
Sollars and Associates
31395 W Seven Mile Road
Livonia, MI 48152
(734) 450-0637

Locations and attractions near our office:

Our Livonia clinic is centrally located and within easy driving distance from many of the area’s landmarks including:

Maybury State Park

Madonna University