Divorce Counseling

How Divorce Counseling Can Help

Going through a divorce can be an extremely stressful event, and may cause emotional and psychological distress. Divorce Counseling can be for anyone who is considering divorce, has just began the divorce process, is in the process of their divorce, or is divorced but still has the need and desire to work on the relationship they have with one another. Depending on the stage you are at, Divorce Counseling can help you separate from one another physically and psychologically. Therapists, Counselors, Psychotherapists, and Psychologists at each of our locations can help couples work through their divorce from the very beginning to the very end.

Goals of Divorce Counseling

When in Divorce Counseling, professionals help both individuals overcome many obstacles and reach several goals in order to most effectively deal with issues related to their divorce. Some of the initial goals of Divorce Counseling are accepting the end of the marriage and coming to an agreement with legal factors. Divorce Counseling also helps individuals realize the part that each one played in the factors leading up to the divorce, and in turn reach a post-divorce relationship with the other individual that is healthy and functional. Divorce Counseling provides individuals to look at their divorce in a more positive light and use the opportunity to grow and explore who they really are. Professionals at Sollars and Associates can help couples work through their divorce, develop a healthy relationship, and overcome the many obstacles that are associated with divorce.

Effect of Divorce on Children

Divorce can also have a very big impact on the children of the couple if there are any. Children often experience a wide range of emotions such as anger, sadness, confusion, and stress. They often blame themselves for the divorce or feel that their parents do not love them enough to stay together. While in some cases where there are high levels of severe conflict, divorce may be considered beneficial to the children; the majority of the time divorce hurts children more than it helps them. Children may begin to act out at both at home and at school. It can be beneficial for children to also seek therapy to help them understand and cope with the many negative emotions that the divorce can cause. There are several ways that parents can minimize the negative aspects that the divorce may have on the child. Some ways are by both parents having a cooperative relationship with one another, both continuing to be in the child’s life, and both giving the child attention. While these may not be easy as parents are working through their own negative factors, Divorce Counseling can help parents to provide their children with the more positive experience of going through the divorce.

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