Psychological Testing and Evaluations

The pandemic and other concerns have led to an outpouring of requests for testing services.

We carefully receive and process every request to the best of our ability and resources.

It may take a bit of time and flexibility to meet this need, but we are working diligently to meet the growing mental health needs of the community.

We appreciate your patience as we work to provide the services you are seeking.

Thank you

Sollars and Associates Testing Team

12/11/23 Update: Unfortunately, we no longer offer Bariatric or Pain Testing.

Please reach out to the physician you’re working with for a referral. Thank you.

Your Doctor’s office may FAX the Referral to 248-385-1193
or EMAIL the Referral to

Many Insurance carriers require a Referral to cover testing services and

Testing Process – What to Expect?

The complete Testing Process takes 4 to 6 months from start to finish.

This timeframe may vary based on client availability, requested location and scheduling.


STEP Description Approximate TIME to Complete STEP Details

Clients must provide an email address. Several items including Pre-Intake Paperwork,
Telehealth appointments, payment receipts, etc will be processed through your email address.

1 Testing Referral Questionnaire Depends on Client The first step is to complete the “Testing Questionnaire” form, which will be emailed to you. Please complete and email to Our Team will contact you if we have any remaining questions within 1 week of receipt of your completed Questionnaire. This process moves most efficiently when all questions are answered. Please complete all sections.
2 Determine Client’s Out of Pocket Costs Varies Next, we will contact your Primary Insurance company to determine is you have any anticipated out of pocket costs*.

*Coverage is determined by your Insurance company. Sollars and Associates notes these costs, but does not determine these costs.

3 Pre-Intake Paperwork Varies Once your benefits and out of pocket costs are determined, we will send Pre-Intake Paperwork to your email via DocuSign. An alert will arrive to your email. Please check your Junk folder. The DocuSign system is very easy to use and requires clients to complete and sign forms. We cannot move forward with the process until you return these forms.
4 Collect $300 Missed Session Fee for Testing Services
Commercial Insurance Clients, Medicare and Cash Clients
Varies A Missed Session Fee is required in the event of a missed session. Once you have returned your Pre-Intake Envelope, we will contact you to collect the $300 Missed Session Fee. Any unused Fees will be applied to your balance. Any remaining amount will be refunded once the Insurance company processes all claims.

Medicaid clients (Primary and Secondary) will not be charged a deposit, but may lose their place in line if they miss an appointment without giving 48 hours notice.

Testing Process – 3 Sessions
The Testing Process involves 3 separate sessions:
The Testing Intake, the Testing Battery (Administration and Scoring) and the Testing Feedback Session.
Please see full details below.
5 Schedule Testing Intake Session 1 to 2 Months* Upon receipt of the Missed Session Fee, you will be added to our scheduling list. Intakes are scheduled in the order they are received. You will receive a scheduling phone call once an Intake slot becomes available. 

*Everyone on our clinical staff is able to accept cash for the intake, and we can bill most insurances for the remaining portion of the evaluation. The cash fee for the intake only is $150 if not using insurance. We are able to offer shorter wait times to clients who pay cash.

6 Collect Deposit for Testing Services

(Does not apply to Medicaid Clients)

Varies Once your Intake is complete, a member of our Testing Team will contact you to explain the next step in the Testing Process. We will collect the Deposit for Testing Services. This amount is based on each client’s individual insurance policy.

Out of Pocket costs must be collected before Testing Services can continue.

7 Obtaining Authorization from Insurance Company
Insurance Clients Only
15 to 60 Business Days For clients using insurance, Sollars will request authorization from your insurance company promptly after your Intake session is complete. This is approval from your insurance company stating they agree to pay for Testing Services. This process can move quickly or take several weeks, depending on information requested by the insurance company and how quickly the insurance carrier responds.
8 Schedule “Battery” of Tests / Test Administration and Scoring Process Typically scheduled within 2 to 4 weeks AFTER receiving authorization from the insurance company Once the insurance company authorizes the testing, we will contact you to schedule the “Battery” of tests to be administered. This is the list of the actual tests we will use to evaluate the diagnosis determined during the Intake session.

Traveling for Testing Services:
The available locations for Testing Services vary and are based on clinician availability. Due to the increase in demand for testing services, the approximate travel time is 20-60 minutes. However, if you are able to travel further, more scheduling options may be available at additional locations. Please let us know how far you are comfortable with traveling for your testing session.

9 Schedule Feedback Session Varies Once the report is complete, reviewed and signed by the Supervising psychologist, you will be contacted to schedule the “Feedback” session. The testing results will be discussed during this session.
10 Collect any Remaining Out of Pocket Cost Depends on Client Once your Feedback Session is completed, a member of our Testing Team will contact you to explain the next step in the Testing Process. We will contact you to collect any remaining out of pocket costs you have.

Out of Pocket costs must be collected before the Final Testing Report can be provided.

11 Process Insurance Payments Depends on Insurance Company Sollars will process Insurance payments for services as they are received. While insurance payments are typically received within 50 Days After the service is provided, the insurance provider may need additional information to process the claim. We encourage clients to contact their insurance company for payment status if they have not received an Explanation of Benefits within 45 days of the Testing Service date.
12 Process Final Report Final Step Once payment for Testing services is received, the Report will be emailed to you. We can also FAX your report to any other person with whom you have indicated you would like to receive a copy of your report (with a signed Release of Information from you. Completed during DocuSign step). Clients are responsible for all other costs if the insurance company does not pay the claim.

*Your estimated out of pocket costs are noted on the Method of Payment (MOP) Form you will review and sign during the DocuSign process. This info is provided by your insurance company and is subject to change. Sollars will not know your exact out of pocket costs until the Insurance company pays the full claim for all testing services (minimum of 60 days AFTER Feedback session is billed). Any overage in payment during the Testing Service will be refunded once the Insurance company processes all claims.

Clients must provide a credit card for Testing Services before the process can begin. Once you’ve completed the Pre-Intake Paperwork, a member of our Testing Team will contact you to get your credit card set up in the Square system. Clients are expected to pay any out of pocket costs (ex. Deductible, Copay, Coinsurance) as each step of the Testing Process is completed. We cannot move forward with the process until payment is made. Sollars and Associates requires a  Deposit to begin Testing Services* This deposit will be applied to any out of pocket costs and missed session fees (see Cancellation Policy on MOP Form for full details). Any overage in payment at any time during the Testing Process will be refunded to you once the Insurance company processes all claims.
*Clients with Medicaid as Primary or Secondary insurance will not be charged a deposit.

If you have additional questions, please call our Testing Hotline at 248-989-4772. Please leave a message and your call will be returned within 48 hours. Thank you.

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