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Welcome to the Royal Oak MI office of Sollars and Associates. Here at Sollars and Associates, our goal is to offer residents in the Royal Oak area the best clinical therapy and counseling available in Royal Oak, Oakland County and the Detroit Suburbs.  Our expertly trained therapists specialize in the areas of Marriage Counseling, General Family Counseling, Child and Teen Counseling, Couples Therapy, Sex Addiction Therapy, Addiction Treatment, Anxiety Counseling, Grief Therapy, Depression Treatment, Anger Management, Alcohol Addiction and Dependency,  Autism Spectrum Treatments, Bipolar Disorder Treatment, as well as many others.


Here at Sollars & Associates, we are very proud to have multi-lingual therapists across our locations that speak 3 different languages. If you are in need of a multi-lingual counselor in Royal Oak, click our link below!

Sollars & Associates Multi-Lingual Therapists


Here at Sollars & Associates, we support Social Justice. Learn more about our dedication to diversity and equality for all in Royal Oak, and all our locations, via our Diversity & Inclusion Statement.

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Royal Oak Therapists

Troy MI Psychologist, Therapist Ashley Weinert, TLLP
Ashley Weinert, TLLP
Troy MI Benjamin Bennett-Carpenter, Life Coach
Benjamin Bennett-Carpenter, Life Coach
Troy MI Blair Powers, LLP
Blair Powers, LLP
Troy MI Psychologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Therapist Brittany Miller, LLPC
Brittany Miller, LLPC
Troy MI Psychologist, Therapist Carmen Sollars, MA, TLLP
Carmen Sollars, MA, TLLP
Troy MI Christopher McDaniel, LLMFT
Christopher McDaniel, LLMFT
Troy MI David Bellefleur, LLMSW
David Bellefleur, LLMSW
Troy MI DeAnna Bond, LLMSW
DeAnna Bond, LLMSW
Troy MI Deanna Sklarski, LMSW
Deanna Sklarski, LMSW
Troy MI Diana Varughese, LLPC
Diana Varughese, LLPC
Troy MI Donovan Khamomo, LLMSW
Donovan Khamomo, LLMSW
Troy MI Dorothy Hill, Intern
Dorothy Hill, Intern
Troy MI Psychologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Therapist Emilio Delgado, Intern
Emilio Delgado, Intern
Troy MI Emily Kingsbury, LLPC
Emily Kingsbury, LLPC
Troy MI Counselor, Therapist Fan Zhang, LPC, NCC, CAADC
Fan Zhang, LPC, NCC, CAADC
Troy MI Farid Alsabeh, Intern
Farid Alsabeh, Intern
Troy MI Heather Weise, TLLP
Heather Weise, TLLP
Troy MI Jeffery Kidder, Intern
Jeffery Kidder, Intern
Troy MI Counselor, Therapist, Psychologist Jenna Gower, TLLP, SSP
Jenna Gower, TLLP, SSP
Troy MI Psychologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Therapist Jennifer Peel, Intern
Jennifer Peel, Intern
Troy MI Psychologist, Therapist Kayla Trombley, MS, TLLP
Kayla Trombley, MS, TLLP
Troy MI Kelsy Butkus, LLPC
Kelsy Butkus, LLPC
Troy MI Kendra Hathaway, LMFT, MA, FLE
Kendra Hathaway, LMFT, MA, FLE
Troy MI Kimberly Forbes Dyczkowski, Intern
Kimberly Forbes Dyczkowski, Intern
Troy MI Kowsar Hijazi, MA, TLLP
Kowsar Hijazi, MA, TLLP
Troy MI Social Worker, Therapist Kristara Taylor, LMSW
Kristara Taylor, LMSW
Troy MI Lauren Dushane, TLLP
Lauren Dushane, TLLP
Troy MI Lia Evangelista, TLLP
Lia Evangelista, TLLP
Troy MI Psychologist, Therapist Lisa Bach, MA, LLP
Lisa Bach, MA, LLP
Troy MI Malaki Musheinish, LLMSW
Malaki Musheinish, LLMSW
Troy MI Psychologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Therapist Maria Lingg, Intern
Maria Lingg, Intern
Troy MI Psychologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Therapist Marlita Gamble, Intern
Marlita Gamble, Intern
Troy MI Psychologist, Therapist Matthew McCormick, PhD, LP
Matthew McCormick, PhD, LP
Troy MI Michele Crammond, LLP
Michele Crammond, LLP
Troy MI Psychologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Therapist Michelle Gonzalez, Intern
Michelle Gonzalez, Intern
Troy MI Counselor, Therapist Namer Zayouna, LLPC
Namer Zayouna, LLPC
Troy MI Paige Moore, LLMSW
Paige Moore, LLMSW
Troy MI Psychologist, Therapist Paige Van Norman, TLLP
Paige Van Norman, TLLP
Troy MI Quinette Bowman, LLPC
Quinette Bowman, LLPC
Troy MI Counselor, Therapist, Psychologist, Social Worker Rachael Soulliere, LMSW
Rachael Soulliere, LMSW
Troy MI Rachel Glogower, LLMSW
Rachel Glogower, LLMSW
Troy MI Counselor, Therapist Rachel Webster, MA, LLPC
Rachel Webster, MA, LLPC
Troy MI Sarah Hammoud, MA, TTLP
Sarah Hammoud, MA, TTLP
Troy MI Psychologist, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Therapist Sarah Kappler, MA, TTLP
Sarah Kappler, MA, TTLP
Troy MI Shawna Holiak, LLPC
Shawna Holiak, LLPC
Troy MI Steven Weier, LLPC
Steven Weier, LLPC
Troy MI Supriya Singh, TLLP
Supriya Singh, TLLP
Troy MI Tara Barr, LPC
Tara Barr, LPC
Troy MI Social Worker, Therapist Tina Jones, LMSW
Tina Jones, LMSW
Troy MI Tonka Lelcaj, Intern
Tonka Lelcaj, Intern
Troy MI Zinah Samona, LLPC
Zinah Samona, LLPC

About Royal Oak MI

Downtown Royal Oak is known as an entertainment and nightlife destination.  Popular venues include the Landmark Main Art Theatre and the Royal Oak Music Theatre. Royal Oak is also home to one of the area’s largest tourist attriations… the Detroit Zoo.  The popular TV sitcom show “Home Improvement” was set in this Michigan neighborhood.  The Michigan native and star of  Home Improvement, Tim Allen, spent his early years doing stand up comedy in comedy clubs including Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle which is also located here in Royal Oak.   Royal Oak’s downtown is know for it’s motorcycle gatherings in the summers.  Wednesday nights in the summer feature mostly Harly-Davidsons while Thursday nights mostly feature sport bikes.

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Our clinic is centrally located and a short drive away from many of the areas landmarks including: