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Welcome to the Commerce office of Sollars and Associates.  Our goal here at Sollars and Associates is to provide Commerce MI with the best therapy and clinical counseling available in the Detroit Metro area.

Our caring and skilled therapists offer specialized counseling in the areas of Marriage, Family, Divorce, Adoption, Couples, Sex, Addiction, Anxiety, Grief, Depression, Anger, and Eating Disorders.
We also offer treatment for individuals dealing with Autism, Bipolar Disorders, Children’s Psychology, ADD/ADHD In Children, ADD/ADHD In Adolescents, Adolescent Drug Addictions and many more.

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We are proud to have multi-lingual therapists across our locations that speak 2 different languages.

Our Commerce Therapists

Commerce MI Psychologist, Therapist Anita Hakim, LLPC
Anita Hakim, LLPC
Commerce MI Psychologist, Therapist Annie Bashara, MS, LLP
Annie Bashara, MS, LLP
Commerce MI Blair Powers, LLP
Blair Powers, LLP
Commerce MI Psychologist, Therapist Edward Jackson, PsyD, DLLP
Edward Jackson, PsyD, DLLP
Commerce MI Counselor, Therapist, Psychologist Jennifer West, TLLP
Jennifer West, TLLP
Commerce MI Therapist John Poliskey, LLMFT
John Poliskey, LLMFT
Commerce MI Juliana Corvell, Intern
Juliana Corvell, Intern
Commerce MI Psychologist, Therapist Kayla Trombley, MS, TLLP
Kayla Trombley, MS, TLLP
Commerce MI Counselor, Therapist Kelli Weller, LPC
Kelli Weller, LPC
Commerce MI Lamia Boady, LLP
Lamia Boady, LLP
Commerce MI Logan Gasko, TLLP
Logan Gasko, TLLP
Commerce MI Psychologist, Therapist Margot Bloomfield, MA, LLP
Margot Bloomfield, MA, LLP
Commerce MI Counselor, Therapist Namer Zayouna, LLPC
Namer Zayouna, LLPC
Commerce MI Nathan Hayrynen, Doctoral Intern, TLLP
Nathan Hayrynen, Doctoral Intern, TLLP
Commerce MI Nicole Urhahn-Schmitt, LLPC
Nicole Urhahn-Schmitt, LLPC
Commerce MI Patty Emberly, MA, LMFT, LPC, (Video Counseling Only)
Patty Emberly, MA, LMFT, LPC, (Video Counseling Only)
Commerce MI Social Worker, Therapist Robert Brill, LMSW
Robert Brill, LMSW

About Commerce MI

Commerce MI, or Commerce Charter Township is a charter township located in Oakland County MI. Highlighted by Huron River which flows through it and the many small lakes that it contains, Commerce became well known as a summer vacation getaway for many Detroiters. Most of the former summer cottages have been converted to permanent homes over the years making Commerce a legitimate suburb of Detroit. It’s rolling hills and ample supply of farm land make this area a peaceful place to work and live.

Our Clinic Location:

Sollars and Associates
2900 Union Lake Rd
Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48382

(248) 360-9905

Area locations and attractions by our office:

Our clinic is conveniently located and a short drive away from many of the areas landmarks including: