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Welcome to the West Bloomfield MI office location of Sollars and Associates. Our intention here at Sollars and Associates is to provide West Bloomfield with the best counseling & therapy services Oakland County has to offer.  We provide individual, group, family and couples therapy to individuals in the Detroit Metro region. Our psychologists and therapists have significant training in the evaluation and treatment of children and adults who are working through a variety of issues including: ADD/ADHD, Depression, School Difficulties, Childhood Struggles, Adult ADD and related issues, PTSD / Trauma, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Parental struggles, Grief , Educational Concerns, Career and Work Issues, Relationship Concerns, and many others.


Sollars & Associates are proud to have multi-lingual therapists across our locations that speak 3 different languages. If you are looking for multi-lingual counseling or therapy services in West Bloomfield, click our link below!

Sollars & Associates Multi-Lingual Therapists


Here at Sollars & Associates, we support Social Justice. Learn more about our dedication to diversity and equality at all our locations, including West Bloomfield, via our Diversity & Inclusion Statement.

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West Bloomfield Team Members

West Bloomfield MI Anne Crawford, TLLP
Anne Crawford, TLLP
West Bloomfield MI Ashley Capaldi, LLPC
Ashley Capaldi, LLPC
West Bloomfield MI Barrie Seigle, LMSW
Barrie Seigle, LMSW
West Bloomfield MI Benjamin Bennett-Carpenter, Life Coach
Benjamin Bennett-Carpenter, Life Coach
West Bloomfield MI Cara Holmes, LLPC
Cara Holmes, LLPC
West Bloomfield MI David Bellefleur, LLMSW
David Bellefleur, LLMSW
West Bloomfield MI Ebony Willis, LLPC
Ebony Willis, LLPC
West Bloomfield MI Counselor, Therapist Fan Zhang, MA, LLPC, NCC
Fan Zhang, MA, LLPC, NCC
West Bloomfield MI Counselor, Therapist, Psychologist Jenna Gower, TLLP, SSP
Jenna Gower, TLLP, SSP
West Bloomfield MI Kowsar Hijazi, MA, TLLP
Kowsar Hijazi, MA, TLLP
West Bloomfield MI Lauren Dushane, Intern
Lauren Dushane, Intern
West Bloomfield MI Psychologist, Therapist Laurene Saad, PsyD, LP, Director of Psychological Testing
Laurene Saad, PsyD, LP, Director of Psychological Testing
West Bloomfield MI Madison Bryant, TLLP
Madison Bryant, TLLP
West Bloomfield MI Malaki Musheinish, LLMSW
Malaki Musheinish, LLMSW
West Bloomfield MI Mark Blanchard, TLLP
Mark Blanchard, TLLP
West Bloomfield MI Social Worker, Therapist Mark Oskin, LLMSW
Mark Oskin, LLMSW
West Bloomfield MI Counselor, Therapist Namer Zayouna, LLPC
Namer Zayouna, LLPC
West Bloomfield MI Nicole Urhahn-Schmitt, LLPC
Nicole Urhahn-Schmitt, LLPC
West Bloomfield MI Psychologist, Therapist Paige Van Norman, TLLP
Paige Van Norman, TLLP
West Bloomfield MI Rachel Glogower, LLMSW
Rachel Glogower, LLMSW
West Bloomfield MI Sarah Hammoud, Intern
Sarah Hammoud, Intern
West Bloomfield MI Supriya Singh, TLLP
Supriya Singh, TLLP
West Bloomfield MI Takween Dwaik, LLPC
Takween Dwaik, LLPC
West Bloomfield MI Tara Barr, LLPC, NCC
Tara Barr, LLPC, NCC
West Bloomfield MI Social Worker, Therapist Tina Jones, LMSW
Tina Jones, LMSW

About West Bloomfield Township MI

As a suburb of Detroit, West Bloomfield Township is a charter township located in Oakland County Michigan  and has a population of nearly 65,000.  Residents of West Bloomfield often refer to it as the “lake township of Oakland County” for it’s high concentration of small to mid-sized lakes. Cass Lake and Pine Lake are two of the more notable lakes in West Bloomfield, and popular destinations for lake goers in the area.

Our Clinic Location:

Sollars and Associates
7001 Orchard Lake Rd
Building 100, Suite 120-B
West Bloomfield Township, MI 48322


Locations and attractions near our office:

Our clinic is centrally located and within easy driving distance from many of the areas landmarks including: