Kalimah Forbes-Trinidad

Kalimah Forbes-Trinidad

When I first heard the word Psychology it fascinated me, I remember going to my father and asking what it meant. He gave me a simple definition: “The study of human and animal behavior.” I have been enthralled with it ever since. I took my first psychology course while in high school and decided right then and there while a junior; I was going to pursue a career in the field of behavioral science. Moving forward, I completed my Bachelors degree in psychology from Wayne State University. I later became a teacher and spent many years in the classroom setting. Although I enjoyed teaching, I made the decision to return to my first passion.

As a licensed therapist with a Masters in Clinical Counseling, and as a Certified Trauma Professional, I like to provide my clients with the opportunity to disclose, process and work through their problems in a nonjudgmentally safe environment. So that they may understand their full potential and their full worth. I work with populations of adults, in marginalized groups (LGBTQ+, women, racial/cultural minorities, etc.). Dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, as well as loss and grief. I strongly believe in helping to provide access to quality mental health services to all who seek it. Therefore, being a part of making the counseling program stronger, better, and more inclusive. I would love to be a partner on your journey to mental health greatness.

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