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Grief Counseling in Michigan

To be human is to deal with painful trauma or loss. At times, the injuries and loss of loved ones becomes so painful that a typical person has a hard time processing the pain of the loss or injury. At these times Sollars and Associates counselors and therapists can be of help by providing grief counseling. With support and encouragement via grief therapy, a loss can be tolerated and processed so that it can be passed through with integrity and in a way that promotes adaptability and resilience. Resilience can be thought of as a sense that one can tolerate the loss but not lose the sense of connection and appreciation of who or what has been lost.

Everyone grieves in their own way and the variety of ways people enter, process and exit grief should be honored and accepted. Typically no matter the variation, in the end for grief to be effective the person grieving must tolerate the pain of the loss, learn to forgive oneself for not being enough or giving enough to the person that has been lost and not punish oneself for what we could have or should have done. Grief therapy and processing grief often requires changing the hard pain of self-beating or outrage at the loss to softer sad and hurt feelings that can be tolerated and continued. Sollars therapists have all been trained in grief counseling techniques to help people with these difficult feelings and reactions. With compassion, support encouragement and understanding the process of grief is supported and it becomes possible to handle the pain and move to a new place in life, without losing the sacredness of the connection to that which is lost.

If you or a loved one are going through a painful loss or tragedy please call Sollars and Associates to speak with one of our counselors located around Michigan to help you with grief counseling.

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