Spiritually Oriented Therapy & Psychotherapy

Spiritually Oriented Therapy & Psychotherapy

At Sollars & Associates, we often receive requests for spiritually oriented therapy or psychotherapy. This approach involves the use of religious and spiritual texts, wisdom, and principles that underpin values of sacred, guidance, and inspiration, surrendering to the core or higher self-transcendence that lies within and around us. We have therapists versed in various religious and spiritual schools and disciplines to provide spiritual therapy and help gain emotional growth and liberation from negative thoughts, emotions, and conflicts that oppress us.


In spiritual therapy & psychotherapy problems are viewed as stepping-stones to greater inspired living, openness, and love that we can embrace within us and use to healthily engage with others and our world around us. This approach emphasizes joyful loving relationships, positive healthy communication, and the embrace and appreciation of that which is sacred in our lives.


At Sollars and Associates, we have Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Kabalistic, and animistic informed therapists who can offer help on your emotional/spiritual journey. We also have 17 locations all around Michigan, such as Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Flint, Troy, and Dearborn with spiritually-oriented therapists available to help. If you are looking for spiritually oriented therapy in Michigan, please give us a call at 248-787-0855 to be directed to the office closest to you or fill out our contact form.


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