ASD / Autism Spectrum Disorder Testing

ASD Testing

Our office offers Autism Spectrum Disorder evaluations that utilize a comprehensive approach to testing. Typical concerns for autism-spectrum disorders lie in these major areas:

– Language Deficits
– Social Deficits
– Narrowed Interests
– Sensory Integration Problems (overstimulation)

The evaluation leads to a comprehensive report that contains information about:

  • Reason for referral
  • Presenting problems
  • Review of symptoms
  • Relevant background/medical history
  • Effort during testing
  • Attention and concentration
  • Processing speed
  • Premorbid/current intellectual functioning
  • Executive skills (self-regulation/reasoning)
  • Language/verbal skills
  • Sensoriperceptual/motor skills
  • Visuospatial abilities
  • Emotional and personality functioning

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