Addiction Counseling in Grand Rapids

Addiction is a compulsive behavior that’s both harmful and negative to the individual and their families. While addiction comes in many forms – such as substance abuse, gambling, sex, and overeating – all types of addiction can affect an individual’s relationships as well as their physical and mental health.

Addiction therapists at Grand Rapids are available to support individuals suffering from this chronic disease through education and counseling that’ll disrupt the patient’s unhealthy behaviors and lead to positive results.

The First Step to Addiction Therapy

One of the biggest challenges for someone carrying out harmful behaviors is accepting that they need to consider addiction counseling. Along with denial, the individual may be unable to recognize that they have a problem. However, early intervention is key to resolving these unhealthy patterns. Once they realize the seriousness of their symptoms, individuals with addiction can take the next step.


How Addiction Affects Individuals and Families

In addition to the individual, mental health disorders such as addiction affect families too. That’s why our addiction therapists in Grand Rapids approach addressing this disorder from a holistic approach that includes involving families of patients.

When an individual’s support system understands the complexities of a mental health disorder, they’re then able to be a part of the solution. But first, counseling for family members will help them let go of blame or guilt regarding their role as an enabler related to a loved one’s addiction.


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At Grand Rapids, our addiction counseling provides expert addiction therapists to work to improve your mental health through a 360-degree approach that includes engaging and providing counseling for family members so they can support you with your addiction recovery goals. Our trained professionals are standing by to help you address harmful behaviors so that you can regain your life back. To get started, call 616-264-5414 to begin addiction counseling at Grand Rapids today!

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