Medical Consultation

Once a person begins therapy, they may become more aware of physical ailments. They may also find a safe space to discuss their health concerns and confide in their therapist. We can help with a referral to a variety of health care professionals to help you remedy whatever ails you.  For example, we refer clients to a neurologist in some cases. Neurological assessments are performed in a medical setting and can help determine motor and sensory impairments. These may be requested as a screening tool for those at risk of neurological abnormalities, such as Parkinson’s disease. A neurologist can help those who have suffered a stroke, TIA or seizures or a brain tumor. They can help clients with epilepsy or a diagnosis of dementia as well.

Sollars and Associates may also refer clients to bariatric surgeons when applicable. We understand the physical and psychological impact of being overweight. We work with surgeons in the area and can provide you with a list of names. Through a signed release of information form, your therapist can coordinate with your bariatric surgeon by providing psychological, biological and social information on your behalf. Your surgeon will do further assessment in his or her office to determine if surgery is right for you. We can help you on your journey to a healthier and fitter you.

Many of our clients suffer from sleep disorders, particularly insomnia. We can coordinate with your Primary Care Physician to discuss options, including medication options. You would need to sign a release of information form and your therapist will provide your doctor with psychological, biological and social information to help your doctor develop a treatment plan. We can also help you locate a sleep clinic in the area if that is the route you wish to take.

The mind and body are deeply connected. Overwhelming thoughts and feelings can manifest physically, resulting in headaches, muscle stiffness and tension. Massage, reiki, yoga and other mindfulness practices may be of interest to you. We can help put you in touch with these service providers as a supplement to your work with a mental health professional. It is our mission to help provide you with the extended services you may need to assist in your overall mental health.

At Sollars, we endorse seeking medical consultation simultaneously to increase the probability of a successful out come to treatment. If you feel you would like or need medical consultation in addition to psychotherapy, please call Sollars and Associates for help.

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