Crisis Management

Who Can Benefit from Crisis Management Counseling?

Anyone who has experienced a crisis of any sort can benefit from Crisis Management Counseling. There are many events and situations that an individual may experience that can be considered a crisis. A crisis generally refers to how an individual reacts to an event rather than the event itself. Individuals of all ages can benefit from Crisis Management Counseling. If you are experiencing negative symptoms such as emotional, mental, physical or psychological distress from an even that has happened that you may benefit from Crisis Management Counseling.

What is Crisis Management Counseling?

Crisis Management Counseling provides short-term therapy, generally lasting between one to three months. The focus is either on a single or multiple traumatic events that have happened and the reactions the individual is experiencing from them. Crisis Management Counseling helps individuals by providing them with coping skills to overcome previous experiences and to be better equipped to cope with future events. Talking about a crisis can be extremely difficult for individuals, however, talking about the event, the feelings the individual is having from the event, and other thoughts associated to the event can be very healthy. Seeking help and support through psychotherapy can not only decrease present negative symptoms but can also reduce the chances of having serious long term effects from the crisis. Psychotherapists at each of our locations offer individuals not only several different treatment approaches but also a place where they feel safe to discuss traumatic events and the effect the event has had on them.

Acute Stress Disorder

Acute Stress Disorder is one of the Trauma and Stressor Disorders that an individual may be given. In order for an individual to have Acute Stress Disorder they have to have exposure to actual or threatened death, severe injury, or sexual violations in at least one of the following four ways. Direct experience of the event, witnessing the event happen to someone else, finding out that the event happened to a loved one, or repeated or extreme exposure to aversive details of the event. An individual must also show nine symptoms that are related to intrusive symptoms, negative mood symptoms, dissociative symptoms, avoidance symptoms, or arousal symptoms. The reason Acute Stress Disorder is associated with Crisis Management Counseling is because the symptoms of this disorder have a duration of three days to one month. If an individual’s symptoms are present longer than one month they may be suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder which is also a Trauma and Stressor Disorder and can benefit from talk therapy.

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