Adolescent Behavioral Problem Treatment

Who is Adolescent Behavioral Problem Therapy & Treatment For?

Adolescent Behavior Problem Therapy & Treatment is beneficial for adolescents who have trouble controlling their emotions and behaviors. Adolescence is a period where an individual is transitioning from being a child to becoming an adult. This is a very overwhelming time for many individuals as they are stuck between “being treated like a child” and “being old enough for responsibility”. It is normal for adolescents to get angry at their parents, be sad one day because of a fight with their peers, or stay out 30 minutes past curfew. These behaviors do not indicate a need for Behavior Problem Therapy. It is when these emotions and behaviors become extreme to the point where they begin to violate the rights of others or cause a significant conflict between the adolescent and societal norms or authority figures that behavior problem therapy is indicated.

Adolescent Behavioral Problems Treatment for Different Diagnoses

A specific diagnosis is not needed for an adolescent to engage in Adolescent Behavioral Problems Treatment and benefit from it. Behavior Problem Therapy can be beneficial for any individual who wants to work on controlling their emotions and behaviors. However, below are some common diagnoses and symptoms that can especially benefit from Behavior Problem Therapy.

  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder: Adolescents often show symptoms that evidence them having an angry/irritable mood, argumentative/defiant behavior, or vindictiveness.
  • Intermittent Explosive Disorder: Adolescents are not able to control aggressive impulses resulting in frequent outburst.
  • Conduct Disorder: Adolescents show a pattern of violating societal norms or the basic rights of others.
  • Symptoms: Often loses temper, is easily annoyed, is often angry/resentful, argues with or defies authority figures, annoys others on purpose, blames others, is spiteful, throws temper tantrums frequently, is physically aggressive, damage property, bullies or threatens others, initiates physical fights, steals, broken into someone’s house, stays out at night, or has ran away from home.

While these are some of the common diagnoses and symptoms that Behavioral Problem Therapy is used for, it can also be beneficial to other behavior related diagnoses. Some other diagnoses may be Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Adolescent Antisocial Behavior, Depressive and Bipolar Disorders, Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder, Pyromania, or Kleptomania.

Behavior Problem Therapy for Adolescents

Conduct Disorders needing Behavior Problem Therapy can be distinguished between two categories. The first category is the “life-course-persistent type”, this is when the symptoms of behavior problems begins early in development and increases into adulthood. The second category is the “adolescence-limited type”, this is a temporary form of behavior that occurs as a result of being biologically mature yet not given all of the opportunities that come with being an adult. Whether an adolescent has endured behavior problems his/her entire life or behavior problems have become a recent trend due to the stress of going through adolescent years, it is important to give the individual the support they need. Psychotherapist’s at each of our locations give adolescents a place where they feel safe to talk about their emotions, behaviors, and what may or may not be causing them. There are many reasons that an adolescent may be acting out in a way that is not age appropriate in today’s society and it is important to know what influences their behavior to best serve that individual.

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