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There is no manual to becoming a parent who connects well with the kids. However, it’s in your children’s best interest to seek professional parenting counseling. At Sollars & Associates, we offer the help you need to learn how to parent your kids, handle conflict and manage personal issues.

Do you need Parent Counseling?

Although it is advisable to attend regular counseling sessions, you should schedule a parenting counseling session with us if you are dealing with

  • Parenting Hardships– parenting hardships may involve feeling unable to provide adequate parental care due to financial difficulties, lack of sleep, or marital problems. Besides, your parenting may have some physical demands that may leave you feeling overworked.
  • Alcohol and substance abuse– Alcohol and substance abuse may affect your ability to parent.
  • Domestic Abuse– Any form of domestic abuse or violence may cause fear and tension, thus affecting your ability to offer adequate parenting.
  • Separation- Divorce may affect the children as much as it affects parents. You need co-parenting counseling sessions to help you figure out how to manage your children’s emotions after the separation.

Benefits of Parenting Counseling to Your Family

Parenting counseling may come in handy when you don’t know what to do in situations of conflict or loss. If you’re worried whether your son will respect you if you scold his bullies at school or whether grounding your children is the right idea, we will offer the help you need.

With parenting counseling, you can correct your behavior and that of your child. Sollars & Associates will help you become a better person and advise how to discipline or manage your kids’ behavior. Besides, our counselors are equipped with the knowledge to help you get closer to your child.

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