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Divorce Counseling in Grand Rapids from Sollars and Associates can be for anyone who is considering divorce, has already begun the divorce process, is in the process of their divorce, or couples who are divorced but still want to work on their relationship. Depending on the stage you are at, Divorce Counseling in Grand Rapids can help you separate from one another psychologically and physically. Our divorce counseling, pre-divorce counseling, and post divorce counseling in Grand Rapids will help you and your family work through a divorce from beginning to end so conflict is resolved effectively and communication is clear throughout the entire process.

Going through a divorce is often an extremely stressful process and can cause psychological and emotional distress to more than just the two individuals who are considering ending their marriage. Feelings of loss, anger, and anxiety are frequent, and their prevalence can exacerbate tensions between spouses that may already struggle to address conflict or cope with these complex emotions. This can also be an extremely distressing experience for any children involved. Children will often experience the same emotions as their parents and can act out, both at home and at school, and may even blame themselves for the divorce, leading to depression and low self-esteem. Families may be torn apart, never to be the same if the process of divorce is not dealt with in a healthy way. This makes divorce counseling in Grand Rapids for those who need help dealing with these emotions and communicating effectively vitally important.

Pre- Divorce Counseling in Grand Rapids

Pre-divorce counseling in Grand Rapids is similar to standard Divorce counseling but focuses on helping a couple considering divorce work through conflict or help them realize that life is just pulling them in different directions, and they need to separate. This pre-divorce counseling in Grand Rapids can also help children better understand the situation, and negative effects are minimized.

Divorce or Post Divorce Therapy in Grand Rapids

Divorce therapy and Post Divorce Therapy in Grand Rapids for a whole family will let everyone involved feel heard. This will help all involved set tangible goals to overcome many of the hurdles that can come with divorce like relocation and co-parenting for former couples and two homes, stepparents, and stepsiblings for children. Since the goals for this are similar, standard divorce therapy can either be done while the divorce is happening or once everything has been finalized.

Even calling us to learn more about our divorce counseling in Grand Rapids can help get you and your family on a path to a better life. Contact us today at 616-264-5414 and let our experienced and professional counselors see what they can do to aid you and your family through this difficult time. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best counseling services to individuals of all ages, cultures, backgrounds, and socio-economic status because family and healthy relationships are equally important for all.

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