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Grand Rapids Adoption Counseling

The adoption process can leave a lifelong emotional impact on the adoptive family, biological parent, and the adoptee. If you are considering adoption, you need additional support to cope with the new life.

Seeking help from an approved counselor is an excellent way to manage stress and acquire new coping strategies. At Sollars & Associates, we have a team of experienced counselors, psychologists, and psychotherapists in Grand Rapids to help you manage the aftermath of an adoption process.

How We Can Help

The events before and after adoption can be filled with happiness and discomfort in equal measures. At Sollar & Associates, we will take a comprehensive approach to ensure both the family giving up the child and the one receiving the child manage the situation appropriately.

  • The Adoptee’s Family – Giving up your child for adoption is a decision that must be well thought out. Our expert counselors will offer the emotional guidance you need while considering giving out your child for adoption. Once you have decided, we will also guide you on what to expect and help you manage the emotional stress after the adoption.
  • The Adoptive Family – At Sollar & Associates, we acknowledge that foster therapy sessions can significantly affect how you relate with the new family member. That’s why we use a comprehensive counseling process that involves preparing you and your family for adoption, managing challenges associated with the process, and helping you connect with your new child better.

Adoption Counseling for Families

We understand that the adoption process in Grand Rapids is much easier when all parties work together. With the adoptive parent, biological parent, and the child, the counselor may decide to use any of the following approaches:

  •     Family therapy–  This technique involves striking a balance between the family’s needs and the individual needs of all family members.
  •     Play therapy– Play therapy involves playing games to help young children express their feelings.
  •     Behavior modification– This approach helps the adoptive parents solve behavioral problems that may be noticed during and after the adoption process.

Adoption Counseling for Individuals

The adoption process can affect every individual involved differently. Our Grand Rapids counselors will help every person set goals to overcome the challenges that come with the adoption process. This way, we will make sure everyone is prepared and can effectively cope with the changes.

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If you contemplate or have been involved in an adoption process, it’s essential to seek professional help from our Grand Rapids office today. We will take a comprehensive approach to help you manage the emotional impact appropriately. Contact us online or call us at 616-264-5414 to schedule a consultation.

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