ADHD Therapy in Grand Rapids

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental health diagnosis that typically presents with symptoms such as impulsive behavior and the inability to pay attention in both children and adults. Hyperactive impulsive ADHD clients present with more impulsive disruptive behaviors in addition to distractibility. Inattentive Types present with primarily distractibility, forgetfulness, and difficulty following directions. 

Treatment for ADHD at Grand Rapids is valuable for helping understand and navigate this diagnosis. With professional counseling from our experienced ADHD therapists, you’ll learn strategies that’ll help you manage your ADHD. This includes improving your confidence, organizing your time better, and forming healthy relationships.

Types of ADHD Counseling for Children, Families, and Adults

While ADHD tends to be diagnosed in children because it is more noticeable at a young age, adults may also have this mental health disorder.  ADHD therapy in Grand Rapids is available for children, families, and adults.

Children and Families:

In addition to affecting a child’s ability to focus on their work in the classroom, ADHD behaviors can be disruptive and make relationships challenging.

ADHD Counselors and therapists at Grand Rapids are prepared to address behavioral issues in your child because of ADHD by:

  •       Being available to immediately start therapy and implement intervention strategies. 
  •       Working directly with children to develop coping techniques that’ll help them manage their ADHD.
  •       Providing tools and support for both families and the school system.


ADHD Counselors and therapists at Grand Rapids are well-equipped to work with adults seeking insight and strategies to address their ADHD diagnosis. Along with prescribed medications and marriage/family therapy, cognitive behavioral approaches are successful for treating ADHD in adults.


Grand Rapids Team is Here for You

Grand Rapids ADHD therapists and counselors are available to help children, families, and adults, regardless of their background, treat their ADHD.

To learn more about the ADHD therapy that’s right for you or your family, call Grand Rapids at 616-264-5414 for more information and an initial intake!  You can also reach our office by submitting this contact form.

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