Blended Family Counseling in Grand Rapids

What is a Blended Family?

A blended family can look and operate vastly different depending on the household, and can carry its own set of complexities. Unlike a traditional family, blended families consist of a couple raising children resulting from a previous relationship of one or both parents. This can include adopted, foster or stepchildren being raised in a household after separation, divorce, the death of a parent, and remarriage.

Developing strong relationships and trust in a blended family can sometimes be difficult for children and parents, but it is vital in strengthening the family bond and creating a healthy environment and blended family therapy can help. Blended families are becoming more and more common as the rate of divorce increases throughout the United States. Though common, they can be difficult to navigate as complications can arise such as children being raised by two different households with different parenting styles.

When can blended family therapy help?

Families don’t have to be experiencing problems to begin seeking blended family counseling in Grand Rapids. In fact, starting counseling early can help establish open communication and trusting relationships from the start. However, the first few years can be especially difficult for many blended families as navigating the new family dynamic can bring confusion, frustration and conflict. Our experienced professionals provide support in processing previous traumas that may have led to a blended family dynamic, such as divorce or the loss of a parent, and in helping identify and resolve current issues a family may be struggling with.

Why Sollars & Associates?

Blended family therapy includes various techniques depending on the situation, addressing difficulties resulting from two sets of parents involved in parenting children, coping with a significant family change, and establishing a healthy blended family environment. Sollars & Associates professionals have the necessary expertise to determine the best course of action for each individual family’s situation and provide solutions to current issues and techniques for handling future issues that are common to blended families. Those seeking blended family counseling in Grand Rapids can expect professional and personalized counseling from the most qualified therapists at Sollars & Associates.

If you are interested in growing closer as a blended family, give Sollars Associates in Grand Rapids a call today! Learn more about how our professional Blended Family Counselors can benefit your family today.

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