Family Owned Therapy and Counseling Centers in Michigan

Sollars and Associates counseling and therapy clinics are conveniently located throughout metro Detroit and across the state of Michigan to easily accommodate the schedules of busy parents and employees.

Our counselors and psychotherapists are conveniently located in the cities of:  Troy MI, Birmingham MI, West Bloomfield MI, Plymouth MI, Commerce MI, Dearborn  MI, Royal Oak MI, Sterling Heights MI and Holland MI  where we provide confidential therapy and trusted counseling in our warm, comfortable clinics.

We are excited to announce the opening of our two newest locations in: Auburn Hills and Novi!  

Bilingual Therapists Available!  6 Languages Are Spoken By Our Therapists.  Click Here For More Information.

Your Local and Caring Psychologists and Psychotherapists


We are a group of psychologists and licensed psychotherapists who share a passion for helping others in their journey toward personal growth and change.  Some journeys are brief, others take more time. Regardless, our therapists, under the clinical direction of Franklin Sollars, PhD, LP,  offer confidential and caring treatment for a variety of issues and concerns.  We believe that understanding and insight are the keys to change and growth, and work together with clients to bring about healing, change in behavior, and new perspectives.

We offer individual, couple, family and group therapy. Our therapists possess a great deal of experience in evaluating and working with children, adolescents and families dealing with a variety of problems and issues.  Visit our psychological services page for more information on the services we provide.  Here is a brief list of some of the treatment options and issues we can help you with:

Attention Deficit Disorder
School Difficulties
Interpersonal Issues such as bullying
Other issues of childhood and adolescence.
Adult ADD and related issues
Mood Disorders
Grief and Loss
Educational Concerns
Relationship Concerns
Career and Work Issues
Sexual Issues

Our goal here at Sollars and Associates is to provide you or your family members with the best clinical counseling and therapy available in Metro Detroit and throughout the state of Michigan.  Our 9 counseling centers have over 60 counselors and therapists available that specialize in almost every area of mental health and family counseling.

As Michigan’s largest privately owned counseling and therapy group, we have to ability to match you with one of our specialized psychologists, therapists or counselors based on your specific needs.  This ensures that you will receive the highest level of care possible for your given condition.

Privately Owned Counseling and Therapy Centers VS. Corporate Owned

One of the reasons we’ve grown to be Michigan’s largest and most successful privately owned counseling and therapy center is because we understand how important it is to provide each patient with the highest level of personal attention.

Unlike many corporate or hospital run centers, our owners are mental health professionals that actively participate the the day to day operations of our centers.  We are not some faceless corporation who only sees you as a number.  We love what we do and providing each patient with individualized personal attention is what we do best.

Finding The Best Counselor Or Therapist For You

At Sollars and Associates Counseling and Therapy Centers we understand that challenges surround us on a daily basis and that it can be hard to work our way through some of them.

Children and family members can be affected by all of the negative things they see on TV or experience at home.  From bullying at school to the aftereffects of divorce or separation, life can often  be confusing and stressful for kids.

For adults, the stress of dealing with difficult times  can often seem overwhelming.  Life seems to filled with events  that we need to deal with such as losing your job, financial stress, worrying about retirement, caring for a loved one who’s ill, dealing with the loss of a spouse or family member, divorce, drug addiction or any of the other stressful events that happen each and every day.  There are times when these events prove too much for some individuals to handle on their own and seeking help from a caring therapist or counselor becomes their best option.

Our skilled and caring  therapists specialize in the areas of Family Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Eating DisordersPTSD treatment, Adoption, Couples Counseling, Child Counseling, Sex Therapy, Addiction Recovery, Grief Counseling, Anxiety Counseling, Depression Therapy, Anger Management, Drug and Alcohol Dependency, Bipolar Treatment, Crisis Management, Parenting, ADD/ADHD in Children, Adolescent ADD/ADHD, Autism Treatment, and many other areas as well.

The compassionate Counselors and Therapists of Sollars and Associates can help you feel better, reduce stress, find more fulfillment in life, overcome addiction and addictive behaviors, improve your marriage and your relationship with your spouse, improve your self esteem, manage anger, work better with people, provide you with tools to work through your struggles, help you connect with and better understand your child, deal with grief and provide you with strategies to deal with many other struggles as well.

We also offer affordable workshops and support group counseling programs for individuals that are interested.  Please check out our list of current sessions by visiting our support group page.


Highly trained Michigan Psychologists available to help you work through your issues.


Our compassionate counselors will walk with you side by side on your journey.


Specialized training allows our psychotherapists to treat a variety of mental health issues.


Caring therapists that will work hard to help you recover and get your life back.