Jamie Noble

Jamie Noble

Life can be complicated, confusing and heartbreaking. Whether we are grieving a loss, trying to keep up with the overwhelming nature of our lives, drowning in feelings of isolation and disconnection from others, or weathering conflict in our relationships, sometimes we become lost. To deal with our pain, we might push it down, reach for alcohol or drugs to numb it, or succumb to toxic productivity demands, which only makes us feel more lost and alone. It feels difficult to be aware of our pain, so we do our best to hide from it. But eventually, what we are trying to escape will surface.

I believe the work of therapy is allowing all parts of ourselves to come to light and become integrated into our identities, including those things we might feel are shameful or embarrassing. Meeting all parts of ourselves with compassion and learning to suspend judgment allows us to move beyond our pain and begin to live more fully integrated lives.

As your therapist, I am interested in meeting all parts of you. I aim to help individuals and couples work through past pain, learn new ways of being in relationship with one another, understand why we might feel so stuck, and work with compassion and acceptance to better understand ourselves. I bring humor and warmth to the therapeutic relationship and focus on building genuine relationships with each of my clients. I work with adolescents, adults and couples to create meaningful and lasting change that allows them to live more authentically and presently.

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