Carolyn Maxwell

Carolyn Maxwell

I believe admitting you need help is a very difficult thing to do. Sadness, shame, and guilt tend to keep us from seeking assistance. But once you are able to do that, real change can begin to take place in your attitudes, behaviors, and ultimately, your life. Anxiety and depression can be challenging adversaries, but you do not have to battle them on your own. These issues, along with relationship difficulties (spouse, partner, roommate, coworker, family, etc.), are just a few of the problems I can assist you with sorting out and overcoming in your daily life.

I prefer to use a combination of different approaches, such as Emotionally-Focused therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, and Self-Compassion and Mindfulness techniques to work through issues with clients. I find that not every client is the same, and therefore, there is not one approach that works for everyone. I also like to give “homework” between sessions. This not only works as a way for you to see progress, but also serves as a way for you to be fully invested in your treatment outside of therapy.

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