Life Coach

Benjamin Bennett-Carpenter

Benjamin Bennett-Carpenter

“Life is a mystery and a challenge, and we’re all in it together. Sometimes it helps to step out of the action and talk with someone about what’s going on. This could be about a particular problem or issue, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes it’s about hopes and dreams. About ways to get unstuck and accomplish something – something very particular or as-yet-to-be.Through a coaching session, I see us “walking along” together and “airing things out.” As we do this, sometimes, something emerges that sheds light on the mystery and makes the challenges of life more do-able.

A prime power of coaching is that I (the coach) am outside of your life and operate as an advocate for you — for your life. My role is to be in your corner and see things from outside of your life, not from the inside of it like yourself, your friends, family, or co-workers are. In a coaching session with me, you can express things that might not be true or pleasant and that could have a potential negative impact if you were to carry them out — and then get feedback on it — a check on your thinking about it. You can hear yourself think in a more objective way without repercussions to the ones you love or work with. We strategize together on next steps. This is a snapshot of what happens in a coaching session: helpful feedback, good questions, challenging you to move forward, strategizing, and reassuring you on your path.

Particular areas of Life Coaching interests / specialization / expertise:

-individual self-cultivation / personal growth

-life planning / dreaming / goal setting / achievement

-work issues

-identity issues

-relationship issues

-creativity / creative projects

-spirituality / secularity / life philosophy issues

-mortality / legacy issues

-organizational skills / effectiveness

-communication skills / effectiveness

-couples coaching

More info at “What is a Life Coach?”"

Practices At These Locations:

Troy, MI Office
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Sollars and Associates
Troy Medical Plaza
1777 Axtell Drive, #100
Troy, MI 48084

West Bloomfield, MI Office
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Sollars and Associates
7001 Orchard Lake Rd
Building 100, Suite 120-B
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
(248) 882-8698