Barb David

Barb David

A new sense of aliveness and joy can be yours while decreasing anger, sadness and loneliness. Everyone deserves to live a peaceful, joyful life, especially you. Through discovering your early decisions about yourself, your world and then how those decisions influence you today, we plan a course of treatment for recovery. An eclectic approach is offered and is facilitated for clients through Hypnotherapy, Energy and movement work, psychodrama, as well as traditional techniques. Years of working with traumatized clients has shown me the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

In group therapy, I facilitate an experiential weekend, the Renewal Weekend, for shame reduction.

Color your world…..Light Sensitivity causes or contributes to many problems under FLUORESCENT lighting. Irlen Syndrome can mimic Learning Disabilities and increases the severity of many problems such as AD/HD. The correct color for lenses can change how light is used by the brain. Check out

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Sollars and Associates
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