Bariatric and Pain Evaluations

The pandemic and other concerns have led to an outpouring of requests for testing services.

We carefully receive and process every request to the best of our ability and resources.

It may take a bit of time and flexibility to meet this need, but we are working diligently to meet the growing mental health needs of the community.

We appreciate your patience as we work to provide the services you are seeking.

Thank you

Sollars and Associates Testing Team

Pre-Bariatric Surgery / Pain (SCS) Psychological Testing Process - What to Expect?

*See separate PAGE for Psychological Testing and Evaluations

Court ordered testing and evaluations are not covered by insurance. Please inquire about our cash rates.

The complete Testing Process takes Approximately 2-4 months from start to finish.

This timeframe may vary based on authorization, client’s completion of pre-intake paperwork,

client availability and scheduling, and client’s completion of online Q-Global assessment.

STEP Description Approximate TIME to Complete STEP Details
1 Testing Referral Information Depends on Client A testing referral coordinator will contact you via phone to gather the information we need in order to begin your referral process (Including insurance information).
2 Determine Client’s Out of Pocket Costs 24 to 72 Hours Once you have provided us with your insurance information, we will submit a Request for Benefits. We typically receive out of pocket cost information within 72 hours of submitting this Request.
3 Obtaining Authorization from Insurance Company 15 to 30 Business Days We request authorization from your insurance company promptly after gathering your insurance information. This is approval from your insurance company stating that we can complete the testing. This process can move quickly or take several weeks, depending on information requested by the insurance company and how quickly the insurance carrier responds.
4 Pre-Intake Paperwork Depends on Client We will send Pre-Intake Paperwork to you via DocuSign. The alert will arrive to your email. The system is very easy to use and requires clients to complete and sign forms. Once you complete these forms, we will move on to Step 4, Scheduling the Testing Session.

**We cannot schedule you until we have received all required/completed pre-intake documents

5 Schedule Testing Session 1-3 Weeks The testing psychometrician will contact you within 1 week after you have submitted your pre-intake paperwork. This process can move as quickly as you are available to receive the scheduling phone call.

*The TESTING SESSION is typically scheduled within 1-2 weeks after you speak with the psychometrician

6 Testing Interview Appointment & Q-Global Assessment Testing Interview (Virtual Appointment)- 30 min

Q-Global Assessment – Depends on client completion

The Testing interview will be conducted by the psychometrician. It will be a virtual appointment and you will be emailed a link either the day before or day of the appointment to be connected for the interview. The psychometrician will go over your intake paperwork with you.

Once the interview is complete, client will be given instructions on how to complete the Q-Global assessment remotely.

**Please note: reports cannot be written or signed, until the client independently completes the online Q-Global questionnaire online.

7 Report Writing Process 2-4 Weeks Following the interview, and client’s completion of the online Q-Global questionnaire, the psychometrician will have information required to interpret test results, write the report, and have it signed by our clinical director.

Following this process, your report will be completed and ready to send– which takes approximately 2-4 weeks.

8 Billing Process / Insurance Payment Typically 4 to 6 Weeks Once the report is complete, our Billing Service will submit the claim for all services (Testing session & report writing). Most carriers require the full process to be completed before we can bill the claim.

Most Insurance companies make payments for testing within 4 to 6 weeks. If the insurance claim is made in the middle to the end of the month, the process may take longer.

9 Report Released to Client Final Step If the services billed are fully covered by your insurance, then your report will be cleared for release.

If you have out of pocket costs (ex. Copay, deductible, cash fee if no insurance), those will need to be paid in full before the report can be cleared for release.
If you have any questions related to billing or outstanding balances, please email Emails are processed within 2-3 business days

Reports will be released as a pdf document, and sent via email to the email address we have on file for you.

If you would like your report released to a medical professional, please make sure to include all of their information (including fax #) on the Coordination of Care Form, or Release of Information Form. Once the report is complete, we will fax it to the appropriate party in addition to emailing you a copy of your report.

Clients are responsible for all other costs if the insurance company does not pay the claim.