Hillary Lesniak, LMSW, IMH-E (II)


Meeting and talking to a stranger about challenges you are experiencing can be scary and intimidating. It is a big step to make a decision to do this and takes a strong and brave person. I believe in working with children and adults of all ages traveling together on the journey of self-exploration and discovery. My goal is to learn and understand about each person I work with, what brought them to where they are, and while examining their challenges helping to highlight strengths. I have a person-centered approach and value respect, honesty and non-judgment. I have learned and practiced a variety of approaches but always enter treatment with a blank slate and will pull on knowledge as appropriate, but believe that the treatment should be driven by the individual and where they are at.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an Infant Mental Health Specialist. I have experience working with children and adolescents from birth to 17 as well as adults, and families. I received my Bachelor’s degree from Madonna University in Psychology and then my Master’s degree from Wayne State University in Social Work. After graduation I completed a 1 year fellowship at Yale University in their outpatient clinic working with children and families.

I have worked with children and families in multiple settings, from a clinic to working in the home, collaborating with doctors and schools as well as supporting families in obtaining other services needed. I have worked with many presenting concerns including: behavior problems, anxiety, depression, shifts in mood, anger, changes in family, life transitions, parenting concerns, development concerns, relationship problems, and trauma. I have training in attachment theory, play therapy, development, cognitive behavior therapy, parent management training, among many others.

I work out of the following offices:

Commerce MI Office
Sollars and Associates
2900 Union Lake Rd, #219
Commerce, Michigan 48382